Consultant for Preparedness

Personal Consulting for Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Preparedness / Survival
Private, personalized consultation services to assess your needs. Custom plans tailored to each client and situation.

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It's 2AM and you're woken from a sound sleep by a police loud speaker as the police car drives down your street, "ATTENTION! A wild fire is rapidly moving this way and will arrive within an hour! Evacuate the neighborhood immediately!" Do you know what to do? Do you have a plan on where you will go? Do you have a packed bag ready to go?

* * * * * * * * * *

You're out for a day hike with the family and have stopped to have lunch in a clearing. You spent a while playing with the kids, after resting for a while it is time to start heading back. You realize that you don't remember where you entered the clearing. You walk around the clearing and can't find where you came from. Everything looks the same. You're lost. Your cell phone has no signal. What do you do? Do you have a survival kit? How can you tell which way to go?

* * * * * * * * * *

It's a beautiful autumn day and the trees have changed color. You decided to take a leisurely drive through the countryside, look at the trees, enjoy nature and maybe take a few pictures. You've been driving for hours on back country roads and it is starting to get late. Suddenly your car stalls, you pull to the side of the road and try to restart the car. There is plenty of gas but it won't start. You check under the hood and a quick check doesn't determine what is wrong. Under the trees it is starting to get dark and the temperature is dropping. You haven't seen another car in over an hour, you last passed a house two hours ago and you have no signal on your cell phone. Tonight is suppose to be clear and cold. What are you going to do? Do you have tools and a repair manual in your car? Do you have an emergency kit in your car?

* * * * * * * * * *

Have you ever noticed that just before a snow storm, hurricane or other potentially severe weather people flock to the grocery store and buy shopping carts full of food? They're doing this because they have virtually no food in their house. What if the shelves were empty when they got there? Like most people I head to the store before a storm, for me it is to watch people and maybe pick up some extra snacks in case we're stuck at home for a few days. I'm not worried about running out of food, are you?

Are you prepared for:
- Extreme Weather Emergencies
- Natural Disasters
- Hazardous Material Spills
- Social Unrest / Rioting
- Food Shortages
- Tainted Water
- Power Outage
- Worsenting Economy / Loss of your job
- Pandemic
- Terrorist Attack
- Other Emergency Situations

If you are not prepared for these emergency situations I can help you prepare for them. I can help you assess your situation and tailor a plan or plans to fit the situations you are most concerned with. If you already have some preparations in place I can review those and suggest ways to improve your plan.

I can help you prepare and survive!

Federal, State and Local governments all suggest that you have a plan and a kit in place to respond to unexpected emergencies. We all have auto, life, fire, medical, and home insurance to cover unexpected events. Most people do not have the "insurance" being prepared provides, why not add it today?

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