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Private, personalized consultation services to assess your needs. Custom plans tailored to each client and situation.

January 2012

I've been practicing emergency preparedness / disaster preparedness / survival since I was boy growing up in a rural area of Ontario, Canada. Surrounded by farms, fields, trees, streams, rivers, ravines and woods I spent many days wandering across several miles of varied terrain facing the possible emergencies that develop in all seasons of the year. The 1970s where a different time, both simpler in many ways and more dangerous due to there being no cell phones to call for help if something went wrong. Having a pocket knife, matches, some snacks, water and a couple of band aids along with a coat to keep off wind or rain was just part of every day life for me.

My grandmother lived through the Great Depression and often spoke of it. She talked about how hard things were for her in the city and for her family on the farm. She always said to make sure there was enough food in the house to last a couple of months. Her "cold room" or root cellar was always stocked with cans and vegetables, she had a 30 cubic foot chest freezer that was always full yet there was just her and my grand father. I'd guess she had close to a years worth of food at any given time. She grew her own vegetables, canned, baked and cooked most meals from scratch. She had a great impact on me and when I grew up and was on my own I made sure to have a freezer and a well stocked pantry.

I grew up loving camping and the outdoors. I spent time in Cub Scouts, camped and hiked with friends and did some fishing even though I'm not that fond of fish. I was a Scout Leader for several years and taught my Scouts how to make a survival kit and how to use the contents in an emergency. I received survival training from the Canadian military and have been involved with various emergency preparedness sites and lists on the Internet since the mid 1990's.

Aside from growing up in a rural area in Ontario, Canada I've spent summers on both coasts on the ocean in Sea Cadets. I've also lived in Florida, Colorado and Minnesota for several years each. I have practiced my survival skills in nearly every climate and terrain aside from desert, tropical and arctic. In reality, much of Colorado is near desert while Florida is fairly close to tropical and my childhood and the Fargo, North Dakota area come pretty close to arctic so I'm confident that I can survive in any situation.

I have a life time of skills to draw upon and my particpation in various Internet sites and lists has exposed me to a great deal of information and allowed me to advise others on their situations. I've been asked about consulting a few times and decided to offer my knowledge to help others plan for the unique situations they may face.

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