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Water Filter Comparison
A comparison of portable water filters and methods to treat water.
FILTERS COMPARED: Aquamira, Fairey (British Berkefeld / Doulton), Just Water, Katadyn, Lifesaver, MSR, New Millennium Concepts (Black Berkey), Sawyer, Vestergaard Frandsen (LifeStraw).
TABLETS & SOLUTIONS COMPARED: Aquamira, MSR, Katadyn, WaterMaker (US Military Chlor-Floc), Potable Aqua, iodine crystals, bleach, pool shock.

May 2013 update: Just Water recently had their filters tested for virus removal. They are the only filters tested, and rated, for virus removal.
I use and recommend filters from Just Water. The ONLY filters that have been tested and rated for virus removal.

For more information on the filters see
Order Just Water products from Flat Fish

Note: If you have a Big Berkey or other filter system that uses a 9 inch candle style filter you can custom order a 2x9 inch filter, let Flat Fish know when you place your order for a 2x10. You can also have the stem left longer. You cannot beat the customer service provided by Just Water!
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The comparison of water filters and methods to treat water above contains some information on chlorination treatment of water from US Military Technical Bulletin: TB MED 557 / NAVMED P-5010-10 / AFMMAN 48-138_IP (1 May 2010) - SANITARY CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE OF FIELD WATER SUPPLIES.

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